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Welcome to Stacy Petersen Photography

My Current Camera - Nikon D3100
An Amateur Photography blog of Everyday Life, Nature, Wildlife, and Abandoned Places & Spaces. 

I'm a photographer by passion and by hobby. I've been shooting for over two decades. I enjoy taking pictures, and I feel the best camera is the camera you have with you. These days it seems the best came I have with me is my iPhone.

On this site, I showcase my favorite shots from my lifetime of photography, a portfolio of sorts if you will. 

Camera History:

  • First Camera - Kodak 110 (Grade School)
  • Second Camera - Generic Point and Shoot 35mm (Junior High) 
  • Third Camera - Mamiya NC1000, my first 35mm SLR camera (High School)
  • Fourth Camera - Nikon Pronea 6i APS SLR 
  • Fifth Camera - Kodak Easy Share, my first digital camera  
  • Sixth Camera - Nikon F75, 35mm SLR
  • Current Camera - Nikon D3100, my first Digital SLR