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Morning Tea

Frozen Sunset

Bull Moose II

Old Chevy Car

Pasque Flower

Delta Food Mart

Cabin in the Woods

Nebraska Farm House

Log Cabin on the Richardson Highway


Abandoned & For Sale

Arctic Daisy

Santa Fe

Missouri Farm

Truck at Rika's Roadhouse

Jefferson School Too

Jefferson School

Through the Window at Rika's

Yellow Lilies

Alcan Highway

Happy Veterans Day

Inner Passage Lighthouse

Power Wagon

Fairhaven Historical District

The Bench

Alka Bavaria Vase

Cast Iron Radiator

Sunset on The Osage River

Tea Cups

Salt Flat 2011

Truman Dam Cabin

Frosted Moose

Fox Kits

Bull Moose


The Bee

Morning Moose

Coffee Pot

Lilly Pads


Creative Process

Leaf Pools

Wing Flap